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The production of plastic granules: the key to high-quality injection molded parts

At aXpel injection we pride ourselves on producing innovative and high quality plastic parts for various industries. The key to our success lies in the use of first-class plastic granules that meet the high demands of our customers. In this article we would like to explain the process of manufacturing plastic granules to give you an insight into the background of our work and the importance of this essential component.

Selection of raw materials

The production of plastic granules begins with the selection of the right raw materials. At aXpel Injection, we attach great importance to the quality of raw materials to ensure that the final product meets our customers' requirements. We source our raw materials from trusted suppliers who apply strict quality controls and eco-friendly practices.

Mixing the raw materials

In the next step, the raw materials are mixed to obtain a homogeneous mixture. This process is crucial to ensure an even distribution of the additives and fillers in the plastic granulate.


After the raw materials have been mixed, the extrusion process follows. Here, the material is fed through an extrusion line where it is heated and pressurized until it melts and becomes a viscous mass. The molten material is then forced through a nozzle, which forms the plastic into long strands.

Cooling and Granulating

The extruded plastic strands are then cooled to maintain their shape and consistency. This is done by passing the strands through cooling baths or tanks. Once the strands have cooled, they are crushed in a granulator, which cuts them into small pellets. These pellets, also known as plastic granules, are now ready for further processing in the injection molding process.

Quality Control

At aXpel injection we take the quality of our products very seriously. That is why we subject the plastic granulate produced to comprehensive quality control. Among other things, we check the size and shape of the granules, their thermal properties and the distribution of the additives. Only granules that meet our high quality standards are approved for injection molding production.

The production of plastic granules is a crucial step in the production chain of injection molded parts and at aXpel injection we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality products. By carefully selecting materials, adhering to strict quality standards and using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we are able to produce world-class plastic parts that meet our customers' needs. The close cooperation with suppliers and the constant optimization of our processes enable us to offer innovative solutions in the plastics industry and create added value for our customers.


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