Solution concept

You are faced with the task of developing a component made of plastic. You need assistance in the technical implementation, the selection of materials and the manufacturing processes. Our competent team will work with you to develop a solution that meets your requirements and is economical.


aXpel injection AG is your partner if you plan to develop and produce new products. As a competent partner with many years of experience and extensive knowledge in plastics processing, you can entrust us with the handling of your demanding project from A-Z.

Manufacturing process

The creation of one or more prototypes gives you additional security in an early phase of development. You get first impressions of design, function and feasibility. First tests show possible weak points. Discuss and develop further with your customers on the model of the prototype.


aXpel injection AG is able to manufacture products in small and medium series of batch sizes from 1'000 - 5'000'000 pieces in constant quality. Our optimized business processes allow us to keep lead times short. Our motto - quality at a fair price.


As a company we are required to think and act sustainably. If we want to be successful, we have to know our customers' needs better, be more innovative and better in sales. Motivated and committed employees and understand how to combine ecological goals in environmental and climate protection with the perception of new product and market potential.


Efficient processes in production and logistics are of great importance to us. We offer our customers various procurement options, be it KANBAN, consignment stock or just-in-time. By using a modern ERP system, we can realize their wishes and keep the procurement process as lean as possible.

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