With plastic to design

Whether it's the bodies of modern and sporty cars, household appliances that make our daily lives easier, high-precision components in medical technology or microelectronic components - plastics have become an indispensable part of everyday life. With plastics, seemingly impossible ideas can be realized and with innovative processing methods, wishful thinking becomes reality.
We cover all the requirements that modern and innovative companies expect from us, from design and processing methods to environmental management.

We bring your ideas to a product ready for series production!




  •  wir geben nicht auf, bis wir die beste technische Lösung für ihr  Produkt ermittelt haben

  •  wir begleiten die Entwicklungsphase konstruktiv, wir machen den  entscheidenden Schritt mehr

  •  unsere Lösungen sollen machbar, funktional, wirtschaftlich sein und  höchsten qualitativen Ansprüchen genügen

  •  wir können mehr als nur Spritzgiessen, sei es bei  der Nachbearbeitung, Veredelung oder Montage wir verstehen uns  als Partner  




Many customers have a very precise idea of their required end product. However, the manufacturing technology product and process development is usually not clear. aXpel injection AG will be happy to help you find the right solution for your plastics technology challenge. We use our many years of experience to develop the right process, the ideal material, the correctly designed tool, the optimal solution for assembly and finishing.




As you can see, many individual steps are necessary until the first parts come out of the machine ready. We accompany you from the first second on and guarantee you a result that meets your expectations.


Our claim - tailor-made solutions that guarantee the success of our customers.


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