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Assembly & function control

High demands on complete parts and complex system components are more than ever the norm in almost all industrial sectors. We bring all the elements together, assemble and assemble - just in time. Whether manual work steps are supplemented with mechanical activities, we are geared towards economical and timely production. This not only requires know-how, but also an optimally functioning cooperation with reliable partner companies.  Additional labeling and marking options, using laser or engraving techniques, allow the products to be individually marked.

Vehicle moulding
Adhesive technology

Functionally tested assemblies

Ready-to-install, fully functional and tested units are delivered to your production facility. The pre-assembled assemblies can consist of a few components, but also any number of connecting parts, standard parts, drive units, metal or electronic parts. Your advantage: We take over the extended workbench for you.

Assembly process

Basically, there are all types or methods that are used to join individual parts together. Whether a connection is detachable or not depends on the manufacturing options, the component function, maintenance and repair and, of course, the costs.


In connection technology, a distinction is made between detachable and non-detachable connections.  

The following connection technologies are used at aXpel injection AG:


  • Different welding techniques

  • Different gluing methods

  • Pressing the parts

  • Clip connection techniques

  • Screw connections

  • or plug connections

We would be happy to advise you on the options available – we will bring the parts into the right shape.

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