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Project management & engineering in plastics

For the development of your plastic part, we work with modern 3D CAD/CAM software. The resulting data is used to produce functional prototypes and is then further processed for mold design and production. In order to check the mold concept and avoid possible problems during injection molding, we carry out moldflow analyses. These allow statements to be made in advance about the quality and feasibility of your product before unnecessary costs are incurred. A definitive mold is not produced until the results of the analysis are perfect.

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Moldflow analysis

In a 3D model, Moldflow analysis simulates how the plastic will flow through the mold during injection molding. This allows us to identify factors such as temperature differences, uniformity of the inflow of the plastic, warpage of the part and the formation of flow seams, among others, which influence the quality of the finished product. We can therefore make necessary changes to the plastic part itself or the injection molding process even before the plastic is injected into the injection molding machine. This enables:


  • Optimization of the gating channels

  • Recognition of so-called "hotspots

  • Reduction of cycle time and warpage

  • Consequently: avoidance of production errors, shorter development time, optimization of costs, which all in all leads to a faster time to market for your product.

Our project management

With us as your partner, you benefit from strong project management from A to Z:

Transparency - you will be continuously, promptly and proactively informed about project status, schedule, milestones and costs

Expertise - your project is in good hands with our specialists in the fields of tooling, process optimization and quality management

Quality control - our project manager monitors the processes and ensures that your quality requirements are precisely met


We think outside the box, think through various options and plan the project for your plastic part in detail, whereby you can count on our many years of project experience.

  • Analyzing the initial situation, writing a project description and defining the objectives​​

  • Drawing up technical descriptions and carrying out feasibility analysis, material testing and calculation

  • Definitive specification of the requirements

  • Preparation of a risk analysis

  • Regulation of time and personnel requirements

  • Definition of the communication management for the documentation of the project progress

  • Definition of contact persons and communication channels

  • Handling of cost management

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