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Production and quality in injection molding

With the injection molding process, sophisticated molded parts can be produced very economically in large numbers. With an injection molding machine, the respective raw material or the molding compound is plasticized in an injection unit and injected into an injection molding tool at high pressure. The surface of the component can be chosen almost freely. Smooth surfaces for optical applications, grains for touch-friendly areas, patterns and engravings can be produced. The cavity, the cavity, of the tool determines the shape and the surface structure of the finished product.

Plastic injecton moulding machine
Injection Moulding
Cooling system or water hose

Advantages of injection molding

  • High precision and a high level of detail: The cast mold made of steel or aluminum enables the production of finished parts in complex shapes with a weight of a few grams up to several kilograms. In the case of injection molding, post-production processing is seldom necessary.

  • Quality of the part: The use of the “right material” in injection molding gives the manufactured parts the robustness and mechanical properties of the series parts. This enables tests to be carried out or even the marketing of a small series. The use of a mold also ensures the excellent quality of all parts produced.


  • From small to huge: The injection molding process requires the construction of a mold that can be either very small or extremely large, depending on requirements, and ensures high precision.


  • Costs: In order to reduce investment costs, an aluminum mold is used for injection molding, which is cheaper than the steel molds usually used in the production of series parts. This is why this rapid prototyping method is used in medicine and the automotive industry.

Quality begins with the tool

AXpel injection AG guarantees short processing times, which contributes to reducing development risks and limiting overall production costs. It's often the small things that make the difference: In order to meet your requirements, we manufacture the mold and tools required for injection molding in-house.

The series parts and the finished assemblies are created in production. More than 35 injection molding machines and all the peripheral devices required for efficient production are available. High-quality series parts and assemblies leave our production facility to be used in high-quality products from our customers around the world.

Our production

  •   More than 35 injection molding machines of various sizes  

  •   Multi-component injection molding 2K / 3K

  •   Injection molded parts from 0.1 - 3000 gr  

  •   Production of small, medium and large series  

  •   Fully automatic production of large series  

  •   Production with inserts of all kinds  

  •   3D printer for prototypes (1K / 2K)  

  •   Vibration welding  

  •   Finishing of plastic parts  

  •   Assembly of assemblies 

A keen eye for detail

The many years of know-how of aXpel injection AG and our flexibility in the production of small and medium-sized series guarantees you a consistently high quality of your products. Our ISO certified quality management and our attention to the smallest detail ensure that every single injection molded part meets your high expectations.

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