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A look behind the scenes: injection molding tools and their manufacturing process

Injection molding is an essential technology in the manufacture of plastic parts. But what is the key to a successful injection molding process? An essential component is the injection molding tool.

What is an injection mold?

Injection molding tools, often referred to as injection molds, are devices that determine the shape of the desired plastic part. They usually consist of two halves, one fixed and one moving, which together form the negative of the desired part. When the plastic is injected into the mold, it fills the space between the two mold halves and takes on the intended shape.

How is an injection mold made?

The manufacture of an injection molding tool is a highly precise and technically demanding process. First, a design is created, which is usually generated with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. This design must consider all aspects of the desired part, including its size, shape and function.

Once the design is finalized, the actual manufacturing process begins. This process consists of several steps:

1. Material Selection: The material for the tool is carefully selected based on factors such as the requirements of the part to be formed and the expected production volume.

2. Machining: The selected material is machined with precision tools to create the shape of the design. This can be done by processes such as milling, eroding or CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control).

3. Surface treatment: The surface of the tool is treated to improve the quality of the end product. This may involve polishing the surface or applying coatings to increase the tool's durability.

4. Assembly: The two halves of the mold are assembled and installed in the injection molding machine.

At aXpel injection we attach great importance to the quality of our injection molding tools. They are key to producing accurate and consistent plastic parts, and we invest significant time and resources in carefully designing and manufacturing them.

Although injection molding tools are often in the background of the injection molding process, they play a crucial role in producing high quality products. And through continuous innovation and improvement in tooling technology, we strive to continually push the boundaries of what's possible with injection molding.

Your aXpel injection team


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