Prototypes and manufacturing processes

Producing a prototype of a part or assembly newly developed on the computer gives you the opportunity to inspect and test a plastic part first before investing in an expensive injection moulding tool. Have a design sample produced for an upcoming trade show or get a working injection molded part produced right away using 3D printing.




When creating a prototype, you can select the optimum from various methods depending on your requirements. Together with aXpel injection AG, they test and develop their products within a continuous improvement process until they are ready for production.


  • Rapid prototyping from 3D design data

  • CNC machined prototypes 

  • Prototype tools for test series in injection moulding 

  • Parts from 3D Printer 




When producing new parts, certain questions can be used to determine which manufacturing process is best suited to a project. For example, injection molding can be excluded for complete metal parts. For parts that are to be produced in large quantities, CNC machining and 3D printing are not economical and therefore not suitable.


As a rule of thumb, up to 50 parts can be produced economically with 3D printing. CNC machining is economical for up to approx. 200 parts. With simple injection moulds, quantities of up to 10,000 pieces can usually be produced. For production runs of > 10,000 pieces, it is recommended to invest in an appropriately built injection mould. Ask us if you are not sure which process is best suited for your project and which one is best scalable.




You are not sure which material you want to use, perhaps our Material comparison or contact us for a consultation: +41 62 917 20 20




The aXpel injection AG offers, through the possible addition of a colorant (masterbatches), a huge number of user-defined colors and thus helps your product to a special touch. Contact our sales staff and give us the RAL or Pantone reference you require. We will be happy to advise you and show you the possibilities.


  • The aXpel injection AG cannot achieve a complete colour match. Colorant additions are approximate. The customer is responsible for checking the conformity of the manufactured parts with the customer-specific colour requirements.

  • These additives are available as granules and are mixed with the plastic you have chosen, as long as they are compatible. The final colour of the plastic depends on numerous factors, including the shade of the "natural" colour of the plastic. There is also some turbulence where the colorant is not completely mixed in.

  • If a complete colour match and uniform colouring of a part is required, please contact compounders such as Albis Impex AG, they can mix coloured plastics according to your requirements and deliver them to us.

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