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From concept to finished product: The development process of an injection molded part

In the world of injection molding, the goal is to produce high-quality and precise plastic parts efficiently and cost-effectively. But how do you go from an idea to a physical part? At aXpel injection, every injection molded part goes through a careful development process.

1. Concept development

Every project starts with an idea or a need. Our team works closely with our customers to understand the design and requirements of the desired part. This includes considering the function of the part, its size and shape, and the materials to be used in its manufacture.

2. Design and CAD modeling

Once the concept is defined, the part is modeled using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. At this stage we can visualize the part and verify its functionality. In addition, CAD modeling allows simulation of the injection molding process to identify and fix potential challenges or problems early.

3. Tool design and manufacture

The injection molding tool, also known as a mold, is designed and manufactured based on the CAD model of the part. This tool will determine the shape of the final part and must therefore be manufactured with the utmost precision.

4. Prototypes and tests

Before we start mass production, we prototype the part to test the design and functionality. This step allows us to identify any problems or areas for improvement before we produce the final part.

5. Mass production

Once the design and tooling is confirmed, we start mass producing the part. Each part is made using the injection molding process, in which molten plastic is injected into the mold and then cooled to form the solid part.

6. Quality Control and Delivery

Each completed part is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our high quality standards. Once parts are approved, they are packaged for delivery to our customers.

The development process of an injection molded part is a complex interaction of design, engineering and production. At aXpel injection we pride ourselves on our ability to make this process efficient and effective in order to provide our customers with high quality and accurate parts.

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