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New year, new injection molding machines

On 21 January 2021, our machine park has grown.

We were able to take delivery of our 3 new injection moulding machines.

Haitian Jupiter 7500 Clamping force 750 tons

Zeres 1500 Clamping force 150 tons

Zeres 900 Clamping force 90 tons

The Haitian Jupiter 7500 offers a wide range of possibilities.

Be it large injection moulded parts up to 3kg shot weight such as logistics boxes or high-precision high-tech parts - we find the right solution for our customers.

The Zeres series impresses with its flexible and efficient injection molding technology.

At this point, many thanks to Haitian International!

Also a big thank you to Zaugg AG Rohrbach who made the transport of the heavyweights possible.

Little by little, the machines are being put into operation - soon we will be ready for take-off.

Below are the photos of the delivery:

A flock of sheep was present at the spectacle.


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