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How to continue after 50 years of entrepreneurship

Tradition and innovation - are not mutually exclusive.

After more than 50 years of successful entrepreneurial activity, Rudolf Gysi, founder of the family business of the same name, R. Gysi AG, has decided to sell the company.

The aXpel group of companies, which is successful in the market and active in the areas of trade, production, services and real estate, has taken over 100% of the existing R. Gysi AG in the course of a succession arrangement. R. Gysi AG, which was previously well known on the market, was renamed aXpel gysi Injection AG. The owners and the new management of aXpel gysi Injection AG are anxious to continue the company successfully in the spirit of the founder.

We focus on continuity in the development and production of high-quality plastic products, using proven processes and production methods. By using the most modern technologies, we want to manufacture sustainable products of high quality with great customer benefit. aXpel gysi injection AG will continue to be a reliable partner for our globally active customers.

Despite rough market conditions and dwindling margins for years, an increasingly competitive environment from Eastern Europe and Asia, the new owners of aXpel gysi Injection AG want to continue producing in Switzerland. We are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that, as a Swiss company with a 50-year history, we can continue to maintain Switzerland as a production location in the future. Switzerland has always lived from innovations and far-sighted entrepreneurs who were ahead of their time with innovative ideas. This is still possible in the digital age - the belief in it moves mountains.


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