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Complaint processing 8D report with workflow

Of course, we at aXpel injection AG do our best to prevent customer complaints from arising in the first place. However, if a complaint does arise, we control all analyses and measures for processing complaints in our complaints management system. This workflow-based processing increases transparency, customer satisfaction and optimises our processes.

Informative task list

In the task list of the complaint software, we can constantly see the current status of a complaint and can transparently inform our customers about planned measures and deadlines.

Automated complaints process

We are free to model and automate the complaint process. We control all measures and activities in the predefined process and are able to implement customer requests easily. With the existing user-controlled access system, you as a customer can directly access our complaints management.

Mobile WEB App

With the mobile web app, we can flexibly process complaints received on the move. We can see current measures or comments on a complaint. Data can be entered directly online. Deviations can be documented with a photo. The photo is attached directly to a recorded complaint.

Evaluations and improvements

We use comprehensive and up-to-date evaluations of received complaints for CIP measures (continuous improvement process). For example, in the complaints software we can evaluate according to customer, supplier, type of defect, cause of defect and according to various key figures such as number, defect costs and throughput time.


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