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Weltkugel in der Natur

Environmental protection in the company

Wherever work is done, resources of all kinds are required. In addition to the human being as a worker, various materials and energies are usually used.


We are dealing with the raw material "plastic", which cannot be classified as unproblematic. Plastic is "sustainable" in a different sense, it only disintegrates slowly and, if not disposed of properly, remains in the environment for a long time. Microplastics can cause great problems for our nature and animal world and ultimately also for humans. As a manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility, which is why we use the raw material responsibly.

Solar collectors


Unfortunately, many people consider the available resources such as clean water, food, oil, gas, metals, etc. to be infinite and therefore always available for granted. But that's not the case, all of these raw materials and goods are becoming scarcer with each passing year, and this ultimately affects each and every one of us. It can be assumed that future generations will develop new ideas and technologies, but we still have to be economical with the available resources and take greater care of our environment.

Environmental protection
benefits all

​The companies are called upon to deal more with environmental protection and sustainable action. Often there are opportunities to conserve resources and save money at the same time. This can lead to a win-win situation from which you as a customer also benefit. aXpel injection AG is investing heavily in the building technology of our production halls and installing a photovoltaic system. The solar energy obtained covers approx. 60% of our energy requirements for production. We are proud to contribute our share of renewable energy and to protect the environment.

Companies create living space

Businesses are important cornerstones of our modern society; they enable millions of people to earn a living. If we make use of nature, a company can be compared to a biotope - companies enable people to create a living space for themselves. More and more companies are becoming aware of their responsibility to treat the environment carefully. Successful companies have firmly anchored the will for sustainability in their own company philosophy and make enormous contributions that go far beyond the statutory laws and standards on the subject of environmental protection.

Sensitised customers

More and more consumers are careful to only purchase products from companies that are willing to take on social and ecological responsibility - more and more purchasing decisions will depend on this in the future. A modern company that cares about social justice and sustainability can ultimately enjoy an increase in satisfied customers. 

Our measures

We want to actively live environmental awareness and sensitize our employees to the topic of environmental protection. Here is a small excerpt from our catalog of measures to further consolidate sustainability in aXpel injection AG.

  • Recycling of plastics for production

  • Clean waste separation

  • Video conferences instead of business trips

  • Pay attention to sustainable products when purchasing materials

  • Enabling more work in the home office and thus relieving commuters and roads and saving fuel

  • Company bicycles for employees, for short trips

  • Own photovoltaic system on company-owned buildings

  • The procurement of green electricity from sustainable energy generation (solar, wind, water power)

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