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We at aXpel are looking for people with rough edges. Real personalities who put their hearts into what they do, go ahead courageously and don't shy away from encountering headwinds. Because only those who try out new things and learn from them can advance themselves and the entire company.

We offer attractive tasks, short decision-making processes, open communication, plenty of creative options, direct personal contact throughout the company and good development opportunities. In return, we expect above-average commitment, active professional development, high standards of one's own work and the willingness to genuine cooperation.

If you are not looking for a 'job' but a task that fills you,

Then you are right with us!

Job advertisements

Export-Sachbearbeiter Verkauf Innendienst

50 - 100% (w/m/d)

Lehrstelle als Kunststofftechnologe/login EFZ 2023

Lehrstelle als Polymechaniker/in EFZ 2023

We invest in the future! We educate.

We offer taster days in the following apprenticeships

- Plastics technologist EFZ

- Polymechanic / In 

Are you interested?

Jugendliche während der Ausbildung
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