Projects & Development

The demands of companies in global competition are constantly changing due to the wishes of consumers. The demands of the markets, but also the legal provisions and requirements are immense. In order to do justice to these constantly changing situations, we are at your side in an early development phase with future-oriented advice. We take the time you want for your project.

AXpel injection AG designs its products with modern 3D CAD systems in order to then carry out simulations with the help of mold flow analyzes. The 3D data obtained are used on the one hand to produce functional prototypes and are further processed in the tool design.

With passion and a sure instinct for a product ready for series production!

Injection moulding simulation
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Project management triangle

Moldflow analysis

This technique enables design and manufacturing problems to be predicted and corrected early in development, even before the actual injection molding process begins. This shortens the development process, avoids additional costs for tool changes and shortens the time to market.


  • Design and optimization of the mold temperature  

  • Detection of "hotspots"  

  • Filling simulation  

  • Selection of the connection  

  • Reduction of the cycle time as well as minimization of distortion  

  • Hold phase  

  • Shrinkage

Project manager

In development projects, time discipline and keeping costs are unfortunately not a matter of course. The variables that can influence the course of a project are too large.  


We work according to the basic principle of the “magic triangle” of project management in order to be able to weigh up quality, costs and time in every phase. The advantage: Changes are quickly recognized, assessed and alternatives for the further course of the project may be sought immediately.


Internal project briefing: We analyze the initial situation, write a project description and determine the projectile

  • Creation of technical descriptions, feasibility analysis, material testing, calculation

  • The requirements are definitely defined

  • Risk analysis

  • Time and personnel requirements: The project plan provides information about the schedule of the processes and regulates the use of personnel

  • Determination of the communication management for the documentation of the course of the project

  • Determination of the internal and external contact persons as well as the communication channels

  • Cost management: The preparation for the determination, allocation and reporting according to cost centers is determined here

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