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Tradition and innovation - are not mutually exclusive. We have been active in the world of plastics for more than 50 years. Continuity in the development of high-quality plastic products using proven processes in production, combined with the latest technologies, enables us to manufacture high-quality products with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

We offer a varied and exciting apprenticeship as an EBA plastics processor.
If you are interested in this apprenticeship, then aXpel injection AG in Wolfwil is the right place for you! We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic talents. Start your future with us and apply today using the form below or send us your application documents:

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Plastics Processors EBA work in the plastics industry. They process plastics according to the instructions of their superiors and check the quality. They operate machinery, plant and equipment. Plastics Processors manufacture a variety of products from various raw materials using machines and equipment. These include CDs, toys, computer cases, packaging, pipes, household appliances, films, etc.

Plastics Processors work in different areas of expertise. The plastics are pressed, painted and sprayed, rolled, laminated or thermally or mechanically processed.

It is important that Plastics Processors closely monitor the production of the plastic parts to ensure that the product is of good quality. This is essential for the success of the business. For this reason, plastics processors must be aware of the contents of the plastics and use the production equipment in accordance with the instructions of their superiors. When the production of a product is finished and a new order is in progress, they readjust the equipment.

Plastics Processors can operate the machines and equipment in accordance with the regulations. They work with high temperatures, high pressure and high-quality materials. They must therefore be well aware of the risks and dangers in the workplace. They comply exactly with the rules and regulations that are necessary for their own occupational safety, environmental protection and health protection when using the machines, systems and equipment. They also ensure order in the workplace.

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